Fundraising for roof and tower repairs

Flowton Church is in need of some considerable repair work. We have slowly been fundraising over the last few years, but need a big push to commence the work in Winter 2018 / Spring 2019 – it can be delayed no longer.

Repair work needed:

Roof repairs
Buttressing repairs on the south walls to protect against water damage
Tower repairs
Internal plaster work to be stripped and replaced

In addition, we have a legacy donation to add a kitchen and WC extension but cannot use this money for repair work. 

There are many ways that you can help us raise funds for the repair work.

Super raffle

We held an amazing raffle, which was drawn at the Christmas Fair on 1st December 2018. Prizes included one week in a holiday home in Tuscany (sleeps 4), 7 day and 1 day passes for Riverhills Health Club, champagne, Duke of Marlborough vouchers, Coes Outfitter vouchers and many many more.

Hidden memories

Sign a roof tile in memory of a loved one, or just a record that you lived in Flowton in 2019. A record will be kept and the tiles only uncovered when the roof next needs repairing.
Saturday morning signing to be held on Saturday 6th April. Donation required. 

We also have an account with The Giving Machine which allows supporters to generate donations via their usual online shopping, at no extra cost to them.
We are currently registering as a Community on BoilerJuice which works in a similar way, donating 25p for every 100 litres of heating oil by anyone who chooses FlowtonPCC as their supported community. That is £2.50 for a typical order of 1000 litres of heating oil, all at no cost to you.
Have a look at our pages for The Giving Machine and Boiler Juice – they are really simple to use. 

Keep an eye out for our other fundraising events throughout the year, including our Christmas Fair,  quiz nights, and next year’s Flowton in Flower!